About KUSHKA & Eli

KUSHKA was born on May 30, 2005. She is a purebred white Maltese. Her name KUSHKA translates to “cat” in Russian. KUSHKA was named this way because she believes she is a cat. KUSHKA likes to play with many stuffed animals and takes naps on her stuffed Saint Bernard named Bernie. KUSHKA also likes to wear many different hats on her head. She loves the color pink and her favorite number is 177, which has a special meaning to her. Over the past few years, KUSHKA has visited many elementary school classrooms, special needs schools and book fairs and has appeared at outdoor festivals. Thousands of children of all ages have been entertained by her. Everyone comments on her beautiful, long, silky white hair and her cute bangs. Some have even remarked that they have seen KUSHKA smile at the. KUSHKA is a very well-behaved dog, even if she does think she is a cat.

In 2010, her first book, titled “KUSHKA, the Dog Named Cat,” was released. KUSHKA was introduced to all of us in this book. KUSHKA’s other books include “KUSHKA Visits the Zoo” and “KUSHKA Coloring and Activity Book.” She also has a 20piece wooden puzzle. Watch out for more KUSHKA books to be coming out soon.

KUSHKA has received hundreds of emails from her fans all over the world, including those in Russia, Germany, Sweden, China, Italy, Spain and England, just to name a few. She even has two Facebook pages – KUSHKA KOWALSKI and KUSHKA the Dog Named Cat. You can friend her anytime.

If you would like to write to KUSHKA, please email her at Kushka@mykushka.com. Don’t forget to bookmark her website, www.mykushka.com, and click on the Events tab to view her Events Schedule.

Author Eli Kowalski

Eli Kowalski is an author and publisher of children’s books, sports books and books about Philadelphia. He has visited over 100 elementary schools talking about his experiences since writing about KUSHKA the Dog Named Cat. Over his career Mr. Kowalski has created and developed many products. Look for more KUSHKA products coming out soon!

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