"Thank you for visiting B&N in Exton, PA for the book signing. Taite and Anna loved meeting Kushka and are thrilled to have a special signed Kushka book. As a lover of children's literature, I am happy to be introduced to a new book series."

The Daniels Family

"My daughter could not stop talking about you and Kushka's trick of walking on two feet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Don, Parent"

Saucon Valley Elementary School, Hellertown, PA

"Hi Kushka. I loved it when you came to my school. My favorite part was when you jumped in the air and walked on you tippy toes. Also I liked it when we a got to pet you at the end. I hope you had a good time at my school. Your friend, Laila."

Laila, Glassboro Schools, NJ

"Our students were so excited to write stories about Kushka and to have her visit with Mr. Kowalski they talked it for days leading up to the visit, searched the website at home, and haven’t stopped writing or talking about it yet! Their faces beamed with smiles and giggles when she did tricks, and they were so proud to share their work as well. There was a young lady from another class who went home that night and wrote a report about your visit. We now have young authors in progress! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Rita Procopio and Donna Romalino, Bullock School, Glassboro, NJ

"The Second Grade students at St. Peter's School would like to thank you for visiting our school and reading Kushka, The Dog Named Cat. We thought that the story was cute, funny, entertaining, and left us with a smile on our faces! We enjoyed Kushka's trick when she walked on her hind legs to retrieve a treat! Our favorite part was when Kushka identified the correct letters of the alphabet. None of us have ever come across a dog that knows the alphabet! Thank you again for everything. We cannot wait to read Kuskha Visits the Zoo! Thank you!"

The Second Grade, St. Peter's School, Philadelphia PA.

"Eli Kowalski and Kushka absolutely delighted students of all ages at our School program and fundraiser. Mr. Kowalski has the remarkable ability to engage with students of any grade level -- whether it be answering questions about Kushka, talking about the writing process, or sharing his own personal journey. Mr. Kowalski and Kushka are an exciting, dynamic, and heartwarming duo, and we can't wait to see them again!"

St. Joseph the Worker School PTO

Albert Schweitzer
Elementary School Visit

Friends Select School Visit

Pre-K Friends Select School Visit

"Our students greatly enjoyed being read the book Kushka: the Dog Named Cat and being visited by the star of the book herself! Days after the author's visit, students were still talking about the story, and I've had many requests by students to check it out of our library! I would recommend a visit by this dynamic duo for all elementary schools."

Jessica Story, Librarian, Samuel Everitt Elementary, Levittown, PA

"My daughter is 4 years old and brought the book to Montessori School for Show and Share. The teacher and the children loved it so much that they in turn shared the book with another class. The students ages ranged from 3-6 years old. It was especially appealing because "Kushka" is a real, live dog and not just a fictional character!"

Denise M., Parent, Deptford, NJ

"Thanks for visiting us at our recent school book fair! The children loved meeting Kushka and hearing about her adventures. Seeing her in person was an adventure in itself! We especially loved her hat and purse collection. Kushka is definitely a dog with personality!"

Paula Cairo, Librarian, Friends Select School, Philadelphia, PA

"We just finished reading the book about you. We loved the book! One of our favorite parts was when you said your stuffed animals came to life! We also liked the part when you said you like to sleep in the sun. Our pets like that too. We can’t wait for your next book, Kushka Travels the World. We are studying about the continents and oceans and maps and globes and directions. We hope we can meet you. Maybe you can come visit us at our school one day."

From the first grade students in Mrs. Reighart’s class, Downes Elementary School, Newark, DE

"The entire Oak Park community enjoyed your visit and of course the star of the show ----Kushka! J . Your easy going presentation style felt like we were having a conversation with a special friend about a favorite book. You really know how to hold the attention of your audience. The way you weave questions into the reading of your book was not only engaging, but quite instructive. We learned a great deal about your writing efforts and the importance of using real life experiences for our writing ideas.

Incorporating Kushka’s fashion show and her amazing talents into the story presentation definitely kept all of us spellbound with her cute antics. She is absolutely sweetest, most patient little dog.

Many thanks again and again for visiting us and sharing Kushka, The Dog Named Cat. Your assembly program will not be forgotten. With much appreciation,"

Your friends from Oak Park Elementary School

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